Antelope Valley School District


Will Laird- Principal

  • Secretary: Barbara Thaler Ex. 184

  • Overall Site Leadership

  • Community Relations


 Tammie Nickols- Assistant Principal

  • Secretary: Jamie Wolfe Ex. 189

  • Departments: School Counseling, English, Behavioral Science

  • Curriculum/Master Schedule

  • Summer School Administration


Megan Andrews - Vice Principal of Special Education

  • Secretary: Norma Duran Ex. 356

  • Special Education Secretary: Carla Alvarez Ex. 350

  • Student supervision: Last names A-C

  • Department: Special Education

  • Areas of responsibility: Supervision of special education teachers, IEP-related concerns, health office


Jose Cortinas - Vice Principal of Athletics

  • Secretary: Ana Mejorada Ex. 186

  • Student Supervision: Last names: D-Lan

  • Departments: Math and Science

  • Areas of Responsibility: Athletics, PBIS, Transportation, Custodial, Maintenance


Mike Ybarra- Vice Principal of Activities 

  • Secretary: Danielle Goree Ex. 187

  • Student Supervision: Last Names Lar-Ral 

  • Departments: Visual and Performing Arts Department, Junior ROTC, Social Studies 

  • Areas of Responsibility: ASB, Band, Cheerleading, Clubs, Facilities requests, Graduation-related concerns, Yearbook, Prom, CSF, Student Store


Rochelle Miser- Vice Principal of Community Relations

  • Secretary: Norma Duran Ex. 356

  • Student Supervision: Last Names Ram-Z

  • Departments: World Languages, Physical Education, and Alternative Education (Independent Study, Opportunities, On Site Continuation)

  • Areas of Responsibility: Attendance, Short Term Independent Study, Saturday School, 504 plans, and Student Success Teams