Antelope Valley School District


Message to Senior Parents

Hello Senior Parents, 


As your children's high school career comes to an end, the memories of this year and their high school career can be remembered with a yearbook. They are currently on sale for $75 at the student store on campus or at Please consider buying them before winter break as the price in May is $90.


If you would like to gift your senior with a beautiful message before they move on to pursue their future, please consider buying a Senior Ad. These are pages in the yearbook that you can PERSONALLY DESIGN with the pictures of your choosing.


** Please Remember that Senior Ads are printed in EVERY yearbook. Yearbook does not make any money off this page and loves to include these personal messages and well wishes. 


Oct 16th is NMSQT PSAT for all 9th-11th grade students.  Students need to report to school on time.  Testing is done through their homeroom with the exception of a couple of moves, so students must check in with their homeroom teacher for their testing locations.

Any student who is testing who has a calculator at home is encouraged to bring it on testing day.

All seniors will attend a senior schedule.  Please see the website for schedule and activities handed out during their English 12 classes.