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Senior Exit Activities & Graduation FAQs

Senior Exit Activities and Information
Information about exit activities that seniors need to complete.

Seniors, you are almost done! You have less than a month to go to make it to graduation. Before we get to graduation, there are some things you'll need to do, and some information you'll need. Don't miss out on graduation because you miss out on information! Read below to make sure you know what you need to know.

▪All students must complete the Naviance senior exit survey. Click here to access the survey. If you need help finding it once you're there, click here.
Senior finals are May 22-24 (or when your teacher gives them). Be ready for them!
-We will check absences prior to senior checkout to determine if you will participate in graduation. If your attendance has been less than perfect, you should get as close as possible to perfect attendance for the rest of the year.
Senior checkout sheets will be distributed during homeroom on May 31. They will have your assigned checkout time listed.
Senior checkout is June 3. During checkout, the following items will be checked:
     ▫Graduation status (make sure you have all your credits!)
     ▫Graduation Code of Conduct turned in
     ▫Library charges
     ▫ASB charges (student store)
     ▫Cafeteria charges (accountant office)
     ▫Naviance Graduation Exit Survey completed
▪You will receive your cap and gown and graduation tickets on checkout day. Check the pickup time at the bottom of your checkout form to find out when you pick up. 

Still have questions?
Check out our Graduation FAQs to see if you can find the answer!

Congratulations Hawks!

Knight High School would like to congratulate our classified employees on their educational achievements!

Great job Hawks!

Rosa Bramont – Bachelor of Arts
Lizeth De La Torre – Bachelor of Arts
Yvonne Deaso – Associate of Arts
Norma Duran – Associate of Arts
Marcia Garza – Associate of Arts
Cicely Lambeth – Associate of Arts
Margo Lequin – Bachelor of Arts
Edith Nava – Associate of Arts
Karina Ortega Reyes – Bachelor of Arts
Olivia Pickwoad – Bachelor of Arts
Ivan Ramirez – Bachelor of Arts
Amber Tarnoff – Bachelor of Arts
Edward Vavrick – Bachelor of Arts

Textbook Return Dates

Find your English Teacher
Bring your Books to School on These Days!

Thursday, May 23
-J. Thomas (12th Grade)
-Orr-Dunn (11th & 12th Grade)

Friday, May 24
-Portillo (11th & 12th Grade)
-Roth (12th Grade)
-Rivera (12th Grade) 
-Winck (12th Grade)

Tuesday, May 28th    
-Roth (10th-11th)

Wednesday, May 29th

Thursday, May 30th  
-J. Hammer

Friday, May 31st 

Monday, June 3rd
-L. Fabela