Antelope Valley School District

Athletics Registration Information

The following are required prior to participation in any sport:


1. Online Registration completed at 

The registration process online is straightforward. The first time you use it you will need to click ‘Register’ and enter your information. This will be followed by a screen where you enter the code that is displayed. After this, you can begin the process.

To register for the first time, click ‘New Clearance’.  If you are returning, then after logging in you click ‘Start Clearance’. Then select the school year (2019-2020) you are registering for and the school (Knight,Pete CIF-SS). After this follow the steps of the process–there are 5 different steps. You ‘Save’ after each step. You will be notified via email when your student-athlete is fully cleared to participate in sports.  

2. A blue physical card must be signed and stamped by a doctor.

All completed and signed and stamped documents must be returned to the Athletic Office at least 24 hours prior to tryouts date before any participation in practice or tryouts. Please allow 48 hours for clearance. Blue physical cards are available in the Administration Office (Activities & Athletics Office). 





Students must keep at least a 2.0 average on a 4.0 grading scale for the preceding grading period. Each course in which the student is enrolled will be used in the calculations of the grade point average during the period of attendance. All incoming freshmen shall have first quarter as a probationary period to become eligible or ineligible.


For further information, please refer to this form (please add the forms attached).