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Knight High School – 2022 “Enchanted Garden” 

Knight High School Junior Prom ~ Saturday, April 2, 2022 (6:30 pm to 10:30 pm) 

Venue: Los Angeles Zoo, 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The following must be completed in full and turned in to the Activities Office prior to purchasing online, or turned in to the student  store at the time of purchase. No tickets will be sold without a fully signed copy of this permission slip. All students must submit either  a vaccination card (vaccination must be complete by Saturday, March 19th) or a negative COVID LAB test in order to attend per LA  City Ordinance. For students who are fully vaccinated you can show a copy (paper or phone) to the activities office with this  permission slip or as soon as it is completed. For those obtaining a lab test – it must be complete within 72 hours of Prom. We will be  collecting those on Friday, April 1st at school OR Saturday, April 2nd when you do bus check-ins. Please note that these guidelines are  subject to change due to LA City or County guideline changes. We will inform students as soon as we receive information IF  guidelines change before Prom. It is a student’s responsibility to read this agreement before you sign it. 

Tickets will be on sale January 31st- February 25th: This permission slip must be turned in prior to  purchasing an online ticket, or at the time of purchase in the student store. Webstore list will be updated daily at midnight.  If you have any questions about online ticket sales please see Mrs. Santana in Accounting, or Mrs.  Johnson in room 145 or 249. For student store ticket sale questions, please visit Mrs. Garibay in the  student store. 

Student Store Pricing: Single Ticket Price w/ ASB Card $135, Single Ticket Price w/o ASB Card $150. Online Price: Single Ticket Price w/ASB Card $130, Single Ticket Price w/o ASB Card $145. ***CASH, MONEY ORDER, OR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD ONLY*** 

1. All KHS students (including KHS guests) must provide a current KHS ID card at time of ticket purchase. Only Juniors and/or Seniors can purchase Prom tickets; underclassmen students may only attend as a guest. No student will be allowed  to purchase a ticket if they have charges in the Student Store or have not turned in their Senior Contract (12th only). 

2. Prom tickets will be sold online and in the Student Store, beginning on Monday, January 31st through Friday, February 25th.  The Student Store is open during snack and lunch daily and after school on Wednesdays until 1:30 pm. The store will close promptly when the bell  rings. If a student waits until the last day to purchase in the student store and doesn’t make it before the bell, they will have to purchase a ticket online.  

3. Students will not be allowed to attend Prom unless charges are paid in full prior to event. *No partial payments will be accepted. 4. Proper identification is required before admission onto the bus and at the event. All students and guests must present  a valid picture ID card. All persons attending this event must ride the bus to and from the Prom site. NO  EXCEPTIONS. Students will be searched prior to boarding the bus and before entry to the Los Angeles Zoo. All  district, board policies, and site procedures will be enforced. 

5. Students are to report to the old side of campus classrooms (near back parking lot) between 3:30 and 3:45 pm. Doors to the  school will close at 3:45 pm. Be on time, since buses will not be held for late students. If you miss the bus you miss the  Prom, no refunds will be granted. Buses will return to Knight High School at approximately midnight. It is imperative  that all students have pre-arranged transportation home. Any student or guest not picked up within 30 minutes after the  return arrival time at KHS will be transported to the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station and the parent/guardian may pick students  up at that location. 

6. All school rules apply. Knight students are responsible for their guest’s behavior and adherence to all school rules. If any  rules are broken, disciplinary actions will be taken and student may be sent home. No refunds will be granted. 7. Per the Los Angeles Zoo: All guests 12 and older are required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a  negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of entering the Zoo. Guests 18 and older must also provide a matching  photo I.D. No refunds will be given if a student is not vaccinated and tests positive.  

All Guests (including OSC students) must complete a Guest Pass Application (different form available in the Activities Office), which must be approved  before time of ticket purchase. Deadline for Guest Pass application is February 18th, 2022. Denied requests are entitled to a name change and a new guest  pass application must be completed. (Any name changes must be submitted no later than Friday, March 18th, 2022.) Please note: Guests do not qualify for  the ASB discounted price unless they are a current KHS student with an ASB card. Guest tickets for KHS students MUST be purchased in the student store. 

Prom Application 2022

KHS Prom Guest Pass 2022